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Every Indian quote for a dream to be a PM and to do something constructive for a nation but that dream hardly comes true. In back of the mind that dream gets registered somewhere. First time in history of Indian television, a unique show ‘Being a Prime Minister’ is going to be launched on Zee Hindustan ,which will provide a platform to all such citizens to add innovation to Indian government by stating policies and strategies in their own way.

Key Features

  • Pan India Telecast

Pan India Telecast

Being a Prime Minister is a show that gives pan India telecast on “Zee Hindustan”..

  • Digital Branding

Digital Branding

Branding through social mediums such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc.

  • Exposure to Untapped Ideas

Exposure to Untapped Ideas

Young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas will get opportunity to share them.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

You also get sponsorship opportunities with this show as it provides nationwide branding.

  • Step towards Better India

Step towards Better India

This show mainly focuses on improving the status of India in every sector.


Leading People Say..

Abraham Lincoln

"People who change after change, will survive.People who change with the change,will succeed. People who cause the change, will lead."

Justin Trudeau

"Change starts with transparency. It's fundamental to our democracy. That's why I'm commited to being the first Liberal leader to fully support open nominations and freer votes. Let's change politics together."

Shinzo Abe

"To serve as prime minister while being too mindful of the approval rating is like serving as a prime minister on a roller coaster. What is important, I believe, is that I really act on promises that I make and leave results, I hope, appreciate it."

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